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Vivienda unifamiliar en Sitges

Vivienda unifamiliar en Sitges.

Planta baja diáfana orientada a las vistas de la bahía, y al sur-este.

El gran porche protege del sol en los meses de verano y genera un espacio exterior que amplia visualmente el espacio de la vivienda.

En Planta primera los dormitorios se orientan a la buena vista, y disponen de terraza cubierta.

Porche y aleros se han dimensionado adecuadamente mediante un estudio de asoleamiento con ECOTEC, para asegurar la protección solar en verano y permitir la entrada del sol en invierno.

La casa está aislada con un sistema SATE de aislamiento exterior que elimina puentes térmicos y permite una inercia térmica de la casa que mantiene la y temperatura estable.

Climatización con suelo radiante y aerotermia de Panasonic, frío y calor con máxima eficiencia y ahorro.

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4 flats in Madrid



Today we received the comission to convert an open office plan of 316 sqm in Madrid into four flats. We are happy, it comes as a good start of the year, after some weeks of working with A+M architects on the furniture and equipement for Joana. Our proposal is rather straightforward, and we have tried to simplify the distribution in order to make possible a building schedule of two months, the client is very strict with that deadline.

All the service spaces are gathered in a central longitudinal strip, so the sewage and MEP networks have a clear laying to the main drain pipes, clearing the façades for the living spaces.

Ahead of us lays the task of defining the materiality of the interiors, which shall be very minimalistic, with a parquet flooring as a base for the rest of the elements.

Our main challenge here are the deadlines, which are a must. We have three weeks to have the project ready for municipal license and those two months for the actual refurbishing.

Now the Barcelona, Mallorca and Madrid works are at full speed.

3, 2, 1…Ignition!!!

The mistery of the flying stair

Incredibly enough, we are still discussing the details of the railing for the stair at the houses in Mallorca. Since the works have been long delayed due to problems with the electric supply we have had  time for philosophy…

Our initial detailing was a simple railing with two horizontal metal tubes, emphasizing the lightness of the stair. Altough regulations for private stairs allow for that in Spain, further consideratations relating safety of users where introduced by the blacksmith, who said, “hey, this ain’t japan”, referring to those floating japanese stairs with almost no railing at all. And it ain’t. Continue reading

Weekend villa in Hamala, Kingdom of Bahrain

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A traditional arabesque indoor design contained in a clear line exterior design.

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Social housing in Ribadeo (Lugo)

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Low cost social housing in Ribadeo, Spain

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Two attached houses in Mallorca

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Works in the houses in Mallorca are reaching a final stage. Low-cost with a good design that will make a reduced investment very profitable.

House in Mallorca

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The proposal provides for a program of modern housing in a building inspired by traditional Majorcan farms Continue reading