Offices in Barcelona

For the last few weeks we have been intesively working with interior designer and sculptor Inka Devi Diaz Alonso in the proposal for the refurbishing and furniture project of the new headquarters of a mobile & web agency.


The company defines itself as curious, young minded, passionate, with 5 years of continued growth. Success is one of the reasons why they are refurbishing a magnificient office space in an historical building, in one of the best locations of Barcelona.

The interior design of the new headquarters must reflect the spirit of the company, and become a representative space that speaks for itself. Special attention is to be devoted to staff’s welfare, through the concept that a creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspire innovation. We must design a creative, high-energy workspace that provides a happy and comfortable working environment to boost moral and product development .

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In a few simple words, a cool office space can reflect a company’s culture and become a sense of pride for employees as well as an attractive selling point. This is the perfect workspace for a young staff of one of the most dynamic companies established in Barcelona.

The company ain’t google, or facebook, but its offices must become a model and space of visibility for the company, the designers and the artisans involved in its construction.

On the other hand the company is at its first steps of expansion, so budget must be controlled and justified, a fact that makes the challenge even greater. We are facing a 30.000 euro budget for the whole operation

The office is designed to maximize resources and be user friendly, with a set up based on the needs of the staff and efficiency considerations. The general layout is simple and clear;Two main partitions are created, to ensure privacy of the meeting/sharing room and the management office. The rest of the space is an open plan, with the service spaces (entrance, waiting area and office lounge) in the inner perimetre, and the working spaces (central work spaces and coworking spaces) occupying the priviledged positions by the windows overlooking Barcelona’s harbour.


The design creates a lounge like feel, with singular elements that contrast with the original features from the old building.


A – Wood & glass partition for the meeting/sharing room and the management office. Our carpenter will build a wooden structure up to 2.5 m high, which will become a glass enclosure for these areas. Since the air condition system is already in place and conceived for an open plan, the rooms will have a breathable ceiling structure that allows for correct climatic conditions in the enclosed area, while allowing AC distribution in the main space.


B- Artisanal elements. with recycled wood will be used to make needed closets and shelfs, as well as coating for doors, office, etc. Our local artisan, the great Gaston Gil, will manufacture these elements, which represent the evolution of ecological consciousness in modern enterprises. Gaston makes beautiful furniture with wooden boards used for concrete shuttering, 2000×700 mm, that cost 30 euros new, but we might get them for 8 euros if we search a bit. Then comes his art….

C- Built in furniture & vintage elements are a counterpoint to the modern lines of the ac and lighting facilities, and along with the wooden elements give an industrial look to the whole space

D- A Graffiti featuring an image of technollogy, communication and corporative image covers the eastern wall and visually prolongs the space, becoming a powerful landscape and colorful feature, a “wow” element that our artist will paint exclusively for Ikomobi, not before presenting sketches and according the final image with the property. A very economic way of giving the final touch to the space.


E- We suggest the integreation of vegetation in the space, complementing the recycled and vintage elements and making the atmosphere lively and pleasant. The watering of the plants will be studied and can be in charge of the person cleaning periodically.

D- Office furniture will be chosen from a provider’s catalogue, ensuring ergonomy and durability.

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  1. Is your services avaible in Middle east countries?

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