Weekend villa in Hamala, Kingdom of Bahrain

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A traditional arabesque indoor design contained in a clear line exterior design.

The main feature of the design is the exposed concrete structure, modelled as a grid of arches defining the different living spaces and giving the whole house a sense of spatial unity, where  tradition and modern technology meet.

The focal point of the design is the swimminfpool and adjacent exterior spaces, around which the house folds and deploys its splendid architecture.

This weekend villa meets the requirements of the bahrainian way of life, practically containing four houses in one.

There is the representative part of the house, with the Maijlis as reception area in the groundfloor, with inmediate access from the main entrance.

The family area and main bedroom are set also in the groundfloor, behind the more public spaces. The kitchen articulates both pieces, with the service area connected to it and the parking area.

In the first floor the living and rooms for the children of this growing family.

A brief design in association with Mardi Architecture and Design for the Kingdom of Bahrain. From Barcelona a team of 5 architects worked hard for some months to produce the detailed design, structure and mep details. Led by Till Kindsvater, we had the experience of Lefteris Theodosis, Alejandra Rodriguez and Milena Tosic in our favor, with the strict supervision of CV architects on the structural design and Sinagro taking care of MEP design.

The material delivered was extremely detailed and ready for construction.

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