Restaurant Leka in Barcelona

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Open Source, Honest food is the motto of Ivan Enriquez, the bright leader of Leka in Barcelona.

The quality of the food and service demanded a remodelling of the old leka, and Ivan had a very ambitious vision of what he wanted to become.

The design team was composed by Yosko Navarro and Eleftherios Theodosis, architects, in collaboration with Miguel Guerrero and Anastasia Pistofidou  (Fab-Lab Barcelona)

The interior design has evolved a lot through the design and buildind phases, but the final result is a vibrating and beautiful space…people come in and say…wow!

The final layout is  clear and simple, but the structural works have proved complex, as we had to elliminate two structural walls, having 5 storeys to hold over our heads, and quite a few last minute surprises. We had the help there of our structural engineers, CV architects loyal collaborators in so many projects.

It is strange, but more than for the aesthetics of the thing, i am very proud of having designed a very functional kitchen in a complicated and narrow space, and i have enjoyed very much the structural design…i must be getting old!

And by the way, if you are planning on opening a restaurant or shop in downtown Barcelona, bear in mind that the regulations will demand an acoustic isolation. The purpose is to make sure that a only a certain level of noise is transmited to the surrounding buildings or the flats on top of the conmertial space through the main and secondary structural elements.
The town hall has become very strict in the last years, so an audiometry is done once the works are finished, and either you are inside the limit or you have to isolate afterwards, which represents a delay on the opening and extra costs.

For the project we hired David Casadevall, an excellent engineer from Girona, who has done the acoustic project.
The solution given is the creation of an acoustic chamber for the ceiling, with 40 cms of air Chamber , 3 layers of rockwool (total 15 cms.) and two layers of pladur. From there on fab-lab will hang its decorative ceiling. As for the walls the solution is simpler, only one layers of rockwool and pladur.

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