Social housing in Ribadeo (Lugo)

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Low cost social housing in Ribadeo, Spain

The building was constructed on the basis of our winning proposal of the architectural competition for 30 subsidized houses in Ribadeo (Lugo), Spain, promoted by the Galician Institute of Housing and Land.

The program, very tight for the site, is distributed so that a single vertical communication core (lifts and stairs) serves five flats per floor. This solution worked very efficiently in a deep plot as the one we had, as it allowed  for a significant reduction in cost and space.

This vertical acces is set in the middle of a generously sized interior patio, heart of the project. It brings natural light and ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms, which we strategically located on the inner ring of the building, overlooking the pattio. A large skylight above floods of light courtyards and walkways, becoming a common access of high environmental quality.

The day rooms of every dwelling are placed in the street façades, with good views as well as natural light and ventilation, thanks to a carefully studied bioclimatic architecture

We joined forces with I.Lenguas and I. Lopez, who were also responsible for the Site supervision, with an effective management that allowed to a continuous dialogue with the Galician Institute, so we could meet deadlines and budget without surprises. I can’t help but mention the key role in the project of our friend and brilliant collaborator on so many projects and adventures, the great architect Leyre Vitoria.

Project: 30 Houses in Ribadeo.

Type: Design and site supervision

Site: C / Transversal, Ribadeo Lugo

Customer: Instituto Galego da Vivienda

Date: July w007

Works: August 2008

Author: Jose Manuel Navarro

Coauthor: I.Lenguas, I. Lopez

Structure. Jorge Blasco

Constr .: Andor DL

Press: 2.219.562 Eur

Sup .: 2.262 m2

Al .: Leyre Vitoria

6 responses to “Social housing in Ribadeo (Lugo)

  1. Felicitats !!!

    Quin gustàs !

  2. Felicidades. Los premios son importantes, pero si son para premiar estas iniciativas, mucho mejor

    • Gracias Josep. Si, para mi es más importante la construcción del edificio que el premio…y como ya sabes, ahí lo que importa es cumplir presupuesto….

  3. ciao yosko!

    muchas felicidades por el proyecto y el premio………..que siempre sirve!
    me gusta mucha como ha acabado construido!
    y suerte para muchos mas!

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