Two attached houses in Mallorca

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Works in the houses in Mallorca are reaching a final stage. Low-cost with a good design that will make a reduced investment very profitable.

We are still struggling to match the finished interiors with the original design, specially at the essential element of theses houses, the light metallic stair suspended in the three-storey void that connects the different levels of the house.

Since we don’t have an unlimited budget we are focusing on an effective and still economic detailing of the elements, and it’s been already two months since we started discussing the stair elements with the constructor and the blacksmith, who have had quite a hard time understanding and putting into place the design. We have the luck of having Mariano Vlad, a versatile and good builder that adapts well and kindly to the demands and requirements of the design. We are currently working with him and looking for investors to provide full design and reliable construction.

Even when there are some elements we cannot control and since time and budget are limited we hace to swallow certain decisions and errors, we are happy with the space and light the house has for such a reduced budget.

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