House in Mallorca

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The proposal provides for a program of modern housing in a building inspired by traditional Majorcan farms

This project, designed in collaboration with Carlo Mezzino, architect, features a single-family dwelling in a rustic plot in Selva, Mallorca. We completed the design while we were giving the final touches to the two houses in Palma.


The proposal provides for a program of modern housing in a building inspired by traditional Majorcan farms: compact and rotund volumes, rooting in the ground, searching for the best solar and visual orientation.

A streamlined structure that facilitates the construction and lets us meet a tight budget of 250,000 euros for the 220 m2 of housing and associated landscape and mechanical facilities.

The house is placed on top of the site, taking advantage of excellent views over the landscape of the mountains. The building volume is positioned substantially perpendicular to the slope, half buried in the nord east end and forming a balcony over the landscape in the south west end.

The slope of the plot is used to settle the building on the ground. Two retaining walls generate the esplanade where the dwelling is located.

The building consists of an elongated piece (19×6 m) with two floors facing south. A series of porches on the ground floor define the outdoor spaces. These are oriented to the south west views of the Sierra de Tramontana. The living room porche hungs over the landscape, as a lookout. The other porch by the kitchen is located south and in direct contact with the ground.


The access is located on the north side, which has a closed facade, keeping the house safe from the wild northern wind. It still presents a welcoming porch at the entrance and north courtyard in which the auxiliary building is placed.

The house is distributed on two floors.

The ground floor houses day-time and working spaces, opening to the generous outdoor spaces, which are treated as an extension of the interior space.

The first floor houses the bedrooms, clearly divided between the master bedroom, which is located in the extreme southwest, overlooking the Tramuntana mountain range, and the guest bedrooms associated to the staircase.

The master bedroom has a large bedroom with balcony, reading area, a large dressing room and a bathroom. The laundry is located off the master bedroom.

The plant has wardrobes in the hallway, so that storage capacity is maximized. The sloping roof has a maximum height in the room, sloping down in the hallway and locker area.


Bioclimatic architecture is proposed, with an orientation of the south facade and eaves dimensioned so to stop radiation in summer and allow solar gain in the winter months. The bedrooms and the living areas all have cross ventilation. The combination of excellent insulation and bioclimatic measures ensure the thermal comfort of the occupants in all seasons, without air conditioning. In the bedroom a fan system is put in place.

The program is arranged in two floors, in a very compact volume which optimizes the energy efficiency of housing; Ithe building is isolated with a double thickness of wood fiber insulation in walls and roof. Construction details prevent thermal bridges. Wooden windows with double glazing contribute to maximum isolation. The arrangement of openings seeks a suitable balance between natural light and control of glass surfaces.

Acable installation is performed in office and rooms, with wireless and TV / satellite to the whole house. The satellite dish is placed next to the solar panels on the top of the plot.

Artificial lighting is done with LEDs and controlled with automation system. The heating system also has an automation control that enables access via internet so that you can turn on or off remotely.


Compact sewage disposal with a decanter and biological filter. The system is buried.

4 water tanks, with a capacity of 1,000 liters each are placed in the annex facilities room in ground floor. These deposits are supplied with water from the existing well, through an osmosis filter that secures its potability asdrinking water. The system incorporates a pressure group that drives the water into the house.

6 thermal solar panels are placed on top of the plot to heat the house and the domestic water supply system, by means of two accumulators (one for the ACS and another for heating) arranged in the facility room. A biomass boiler supports the system, coming into operation when solar energy is insufficient.

The radiant floor heating consists of a network of polypropylene tubes through which the preheated water flows. The tubes are placed on an insulating layer which in turn is placed over the first layer of the concrete slab.

Floor heating is complemented by a fireplace-cassette in the living area, with air recirculation and drive to bedrooms on first floor.


The choice of materials is focused on getting a healthy building for its occupants, made with biological materials, in line with the natural setting of the house.

The proposal shuffles a palette of natural materials (stone, wood, plaster and biological painting, etc.) that ensures low maintenance, a correct insertion into the countryside and a dignified ageing of the building.

The cover is an inclined Arabic tiles cover.

The proposal raises a facade divided into two zones, with a stone base in the elements in contact with the ground and biological plaster facade insulation.

A contrast between the use of primary materials and with very natural textures and more modern elements is sought for the interiors.

The interior finish of vertical walls is made based organic insulating plaster with finishing layer of white lime hydrate. The northern inner wall of the ground floor is finished with the same treatment as the stone exteriors.

The ceilings with exposed wooden beams contribute to a warm environment

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