Hotel in Pitarque

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A hotel in the mountains

This Hotel was one of the first projects of the office, back in 2004, in association with Iago López.

It is an 854 sq. meters building, set in the slopes of the hills overlooking the source of the Pitarque river and its valley. It is a beautiful and hard landscape, known specially by geologists, who come from all over the world to study its unique formations.

We studied carefully the emplacement, choosing a site where the steepness of the mountain eased a bit, creating an explanade protected from the northern winds. This way the very same building offers shelter with its pitched roofs, that are the main feature when one approaches the building from the road on top.

From the parcking lot the access is framed by the overlapping of the roofs, with a double height porche that leads to the lobby on the right and the restaurant on the left. Before entering any of both, you get a breathtaking view of the valley.

The rooms are set in two levels with direct views on the landscape. Cozy and spatious, the design works on raw natural materials that match the spirit of the local architecture. On top, the gorverness, that is the house of the owners, rafa and carmen.

The restaurant is small but with excellent views, and has a very functional kitchen that serves also a little bar in the entrance and the exterior terrace

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