The 100.000 € house

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Built area: 126 m2
Building & Construction Price: € 97,490
Price € / m2, including exterior 773 € / m2

Design criteria:
Open spaces, visually connected with each other and with nature views. Economy of space, functionality and austerity in distribution.
Call integration, harmonization with the environment, minimizing the footprint on the ground.
Simple construction, use of local materials and creativity when choosing finishes.
To carry out a project of this type, a greater economy of means  a greater effort to contain costs both during the design phase and throughout the works. Furthermore in this case, since we aimed to build a spatially interesting and comprehensive space, harmonized with its surroundings.
The compactness and economy of spaces is counterbalanced by an open plan under a unified  pitched roof . Concrete beams and ceramic cankerworm are left exposed, a bold solution to save the on plaster and paint in the ceiling.
A stepped section adapted to the terrain minimizes the cost of excavation, creating at the same time a rich visual space. Access,  dining room and kitchen are at one level, that then split into two half-levels, a top level as living and study, a lower level for bedrooms.There is a sense of dynamism in this reduced space, as found in a boat … the movement for the house is inspiring, as is the perception of the landscape from different  varying levels.
The interior has warm and vibrant atmosphere. The light comes from all directions, allowing the inhabitant to track the sun throughout the day. The more leisurely activity is at the top, overlooking the far-away marsh, and revolves around the home, which the chimney and its skylight as the heart of the house. In connection with the garden to the south, in the area of ​​access, are located eating, cooking, pool.
Carrying a work 600 kilometers from home is not easy, but thanks to a clear and fluid communication with the client, the technical architect and the good work of the contractor, we met with the initial budget, without losing the architectural qualities of the project.
Architects: Yosko Navarro
Loredana Modugno
Technical Architect: Domingo Albiol
Contractor: Miguel Navas

15 responses to “The 100.000 € house

  1. Sta venendo molto bella, mancano i nomi dei progettisti 🙂

  2. una tienda en la montaña, un perro y tú

  3. no dejan de ser diferentes manera de vivir…

  4. Perdón, supongo que también se podrá soñar en este blog

  5. Per molts anys Yosko!! M’encanta la teva capacitat d’inventar i de projectar esapis agradables amb pocs recursos.És el fruit d’una consolidada maduresa projectual conservant la il.lusió i la imaginació …

    Ja poden estar agraïts els clients! tenen el millor arquitecte !!!

    Llarga vida als nens quarentons!!!

    • Moltes gràcies, guapa!! ja saps que una gran part dels meus coneixements, criteris i manera de fer te’ls dec a tú!!! gràcies per les lliçons de vida i arquitectura que segueixes donant-me.

      un petó

      • de res , de res… la nostra és una relació sinèrgicament positiva canviant amb el pas dels anys…

        Com va anar la festeta? m’hauria encantat ser-hi … però les obligacions laborals i maternals van poder més…

        Quin mal despertar avui,tant de blau embafa….i tot just acaba de començar… ja ho sentirem a dir…vindria de gust emigrar una temporada…

        petons resistents (de moment)

      • La festa va anar molt bé, va ser una celebració variopinta…

        Si, les coses canvien, i nosaltres amb elles…millorem, penso!

        un petó

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